With the services of Chetroy Productions, we have posted the low resolution version of our 2:1 / 4:1 sit-system instructional video on our site via YouTube. You gotta love the music and production; the 4K, high res. version will be up shortly, even further displaying Chet’s skill set.  This video is intended to be used by climbing gyms or climbing professionals to assist folks in wheelchairs with climbing and training to go up and down on a rope. I train using it too in the backyard tree; threw a kite string over a thick Sycamore branch and pulled up the climbing rope for a 1:1/2:1 system.  The system is similar to the Petzl “RAD”, Rapid Ascent Descent, system, a familiar to Route-Setters, with additional mechanical advantage gained by adding some pulleys.  Controversy could be stirred by using the Petzl GriGri2 instead of the recommended Rig, but we are open source, thrifty,  pragmatists here and want to see folks who have modest means be able to train and have fun.  Get the Rig if you must.  Adding the ground-fall knot, using a ground pad and a spotter-buddy to hold the down rope make the system even more “bomb-proof.”

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