We continue to facilitate the inclusionary and therapeutic aspect of climbing gyms in general.  All a rock gym needs is (1) an attitude of inclusion, (2) an employee with compassion and (3) a low angle slab or overhanging anchor with a gri-gri, ascender and pulley.  Some newer gyms do not have a slab, but they certainly have an overhang with some route-setting equipment.  We do not believe that special programming is necessarily required. Required is an open mind; prohibitive is a liability fear-based mentality.  It is a real crime if the latter is disallowing folks with disabilities from being included in such therapy, but this is pervasive in our society.  True?

We have now added on the bottom of our home page some links which include the Climbing Business Journal’s Gym Map.  This comprehensive map differs from our WAR Map in that it includes every climbing gym in the country.  Each of them is a “potential” place of therapy. Truedat!

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