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Events photographed over the past decade include the National Spina Bifida Conferences Kid’s Camp and Camp Star, as well as programs for soldiers and folks with autism.

Therapeutic, Adaptive Recreation

With 20 years experience we are moved to write about the therapeutic effect climbing has on kids and adults.


Above Limits was approved as an I.R.S. 501(c)(3) in 2009 and founded by Michael L. DeCavalcante of Camp Hill, PA and Mark Gerner of Burke, VA. Mike is an M.I.T. educated engineer, inventor and entrepreneur and Mark is a West Point educated teacher and consultant to the Pentagon as a retired Colonel.  Mike and Mark are both climbers and hold a U.S. patent for their innovative 2:1 advantage, ascending/descending system allowing folks with paralysis to climb independently. They have invented many such systems combining industry standard methods of ropework.  Above Limits’ mission has evolved from solely operating events to one of direct education, inspiration and communication of welcome access.


Inspiration for motivation and Instruction of safety technique in an open-source, learning environment allows for training to begin at home.


Future adaptive climbing clinics & programs sponsored by Above Limits, Catalyst or Paradox Sports. These events demonstrate adaptive techniques to caregivers and participants with or without disabilities, including autism, blindness, injury & paralysis.


Mike and Mark from Above Limits’ have been observing folks with varying disabilities participate in our adaptive climbing programs for almost 20 years. We are moved to write about the therapeutic effect climbing has on kids and adults.

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